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How to Burn Wii Games?

burn nintendo wii gamesDo you want to know how to burn Wii games? Well, in order to successfully start burning your Wii, you should always get a Wii games burning software program. The Nintendo Wii is one of the best family oriented consoles on the market. The Wii's unique motion-sensing controllers are intuitive, and easy to use, and some of the games really do get you up and being more active.

Although video game companies don't want you to backup games, you actually have every right as the consumer to make a copy for your own personal use. There are many scenarios where your original video game discs may be lost, stolen, or otherwise damaged, but if you have a copied version available then you won't have to worry about spending another $50 (or more) on a game you've already purchased once before.

Firstly you should download the Game Copy Software and install it onto your computer. The following guide may be able to help you.

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Guide: How to Burn Wii Games with Games Copy Software

Step 1: Insert the original disk into your PC.

Launch the Wii games burning software. And then get the Wii game disc which you want copied and insert it into your CD/DVD drive.

insert games disc to burn nintendo wii games

Step 2: Make a backup from the original game.

Choose where you want to save the copied files on your computer.

burn wii games to a blank disc

Step 3: Put in an empty disk. Burn the backup files to an empty disk.

Once you copied the data from the Wii disc to your hard drive, get a blank disk into the drive. Let the software know where to get the information from, and to what disc to burn Wii games.

how to burn wii games

So in order to burn Wii games, you should get yourself the Game Copy Software. This software will help you to easily take out the protection that's on any of your games so the road is clear for you to successfully transfer the files to another disk. Why are you waiting? Free download to burn Wii games now!

free download to burn wii games

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