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How to Burn PS1 Games?

PlayStation games are widely popular, and with each new system PlayStation releases, they ensure the games can be played on their multitude of systems. Learn to burn PlayStation games to share and enhance your gaming experience. Here is a guide of how to burn PS1 games to a blank one so as to backup PS1 games. The tool you need is Game Copy Software.

download the software to burn ps1 games

Guide: Burn PS1 Games with Game Copy Pro Step by Step

Step 1: Launch the software on your computer(Mac or PC). Place the original PS1 games disc into your computer's drive. And then run the Game Copy Pro software to burn PS1 games.

insert the game disk to burn ps1 games

Step 2: In the software, choose a folder in computer hard disk to save the game data. Then burn PS1 games to computer.

backup ps1 games data to computer

Step 3: Get a blank disk into the computer's drive. Burn PS1 games from computer to the blank disk.

burn ps1 games to a blank disk

Done! Hope this guide of how to copy PS1 games be useful to you!

download to burn ps1 games

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